War of the Worlds

It is likely that the Iron Curtain I was telling you about will fall soon on the gaming community. The summer has brought disastrous news, the worst of which could be seen in the weekly charts – the top ten sales had been trusted by old Nintendo casual games such as Wii Sport Resort and also much older ones. Things have been looking up a bit thanks to the excellent Dissidia Final Fantasy and the successful Batman – Arkhan Asylum that have momentarily turfed Nintendo out. Still, it appalls me to see how people keep buying games that doesn’t require any brains, and how editors have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Currently, casual games represents 40-60% of total Wii games sales.

Even tough Wii continues to sell, the offer of games has nearly dried up and every single mature game has got unnoticed by the vast majority of potential buyers. The last of them, Metroid Prime Trilogy, which was released in a hurry to decorate a bit the Potemkin village of gamer titles, simply bombed in Europe with a mere 20’000 games sold in two weeks. Let’s hope for them that the rest of the village fares better with Tales of Symphonia & Graces, Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers, Dead Space and Resident Evil, or else their 2010 catalog will end up beyond ridiculous.

Despite this alarming picture, this week has brought us the most fantastic news for a damn very long time – Star Ocean : the Last Hope, final weapon of the Evil Empire Microsoft to crush the hopes of PS3 RPG gamers, has turned against his master. Star Ocean : the Last Hope International will be available on PS3 only, in all territories as soon as February 2010. I want to thank all those who never gave up and resisted, spreading the word that it was no exclusivity when everyone was inclined to think so. Justice was ultimately brought onto this world, and I have all of you to thank for that.

But before that, the end of the year will be full of hits, Xbox360 and PS3 alike – Tekken 6, Ninja Gaiden Σ2, Forza 3, Modern Warfare II, Gran Turismo 5, Bayonetta, Uncharted 2, Magna Carta II… The HD have just recently narrowly outsold Wii in Weekly rankings, so now is the chance to flatten Nintendo. In Japan the market should be safe, Final Fantasy XIII will annihilate all opposition. Europe and the US shall be the decisive battle. The barbarians are at the gate, but we can repel this infidel army of noobs by doing what we do best : playing as much as we can.


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