Here goes our special ‘What can happen between two trips to Japan?’ Here’s the thing : unemployment (you know, that scary story all over the news …). But there are good people out there (called Assedic) always ready to lend a hand, even if, like me, you’ve been earning whooping salaries in Luxembourg (60% of a whopping salary is a damn whopping benefit !). My next staying place in Japan is gonna be a 5 hotel, I tell you!

So what do we do now? It’s summer, a bright sunshine welcomes you… but I just got Metal Gear Solid : Guns of the Patriots. I had been waiting 3 weeks to get back to my beloved PS3, the Sun can burn as far as I’m concerned! Honestly, MGS4 is THE game of the year : the scenario is awesome, the weapon system perfect and Old Snake just ROCKS!

As technology evolves, new sins appear. Online gaming on PS3 is an open path to game addiction : as soon as I began playing Tekken5 and SoulcaliburIV online, I knew the need for new games would be less dire in the future… But now the Tekken servers are mostly unmanned, so I play Soulcalibur like mad! If you happen to fight some crazy guy playing Taki on European servers, there’s nearly 1/3 probability that would be me (my user name is Ryuzaki57). Lately I’have been busy making famous characters : Yuna, Rikku, Ashe, Aelia (VPLenneth), Nel (SO3), Motoko, Rukia and Sakura. Taking advantage of the free time ahead of me, I got myself into several other games, being Gran Turismo 5, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Metal Gear Portable Ops, Tomb Raider Anniversary (nostalgy) and Tales of Rebirth (in Japanese). The Fire Emblem series is made of largly unknown tactical RPGs, but the character design and
management are terrific! I’ve done FE7 in 3 weeks, spent 3 days round the clock on FE10 which is hell difficult! FEDS is out in a few days, I can’t wait! The new Tomb Raider looks also promising enough.

Depiste all this gaming, the Sun still shines over our lovely Grande Région (economic territory expanding from Nancy to Namur) and it’s time for some reading ! Save that it’s gonna be in Japanese, given the hellish pile of 小説 (shosetsu = novel) I’ve brought back. The Suzumiya novel has the crazy property of melting the trained brain in only 10 pages (7 by hot temperatures)! Bleach and Love Hina are less hazardous, but require a fair amount of kanji knowledge to be understandable. I am still looking at my Soseki Natsume’s (Japanese classic) with a lot of anxiety : am I ever gonna be able to read that stuff?

But I do go out time to time (I really do!). Saint-Die (my town, don’t look at the map, it’s not on it …) had welcomed the FIG (Festival International de Géographie) with Japan as special guest. Perfect occasion to attend interesting conferencies and see some movies for free like Paprika by Satoshi Kon. The VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise) forum was one I worked out to escape unemployment. I pretty quickly realized I was not the only one… dozens of students were already queueing 30-40 minutes for a 3-minute interview. Same story on every stand (no, the Yves Rocher stand was far worse, lucky I’m not a girl). Quite depressing, particularly when you realize that your rivals’ resumes are mostly 1-page novels in font size 3

Is there anything left for beside for Fire Emblem? Japan is far awaY? and I find myself chasing shadows of the past by stopping at my old prep school ,and keep drifting, as the rumor wind blows, in an eternal vagrancy…

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