Luxury trip in UK

After coming back from Japan, I thought I might as well drop in UK to see a friend who was working in a luxury hotel in Whiltshire. The hotel is called Whatley Manor and it’s quite the thing! The architecture and its immediate sorroundings (calm little towns) feel great, it’s just like what you can see in Tales of the World (Airyry) or Unlimited Saga.The hotel staff are strange fellows (keep drinking and playing poker) but generous ones (they give free vodka to anybody). They were all trainees or part-timers, which means the payroll is nothing in comparison to the revenues of the hotel : call it cost rationalisation…

The major event of the trip was our stay in Chewton Glen, a five star hotel very like Whatley for which my friend got us a special rate. Whatley had that odd African style, contradicting its old British architecture and making it all artificial. Very unlike here, where the decoration is more British with classical paintings. It reminds me of Hogwarts or Ultimecia’s castle in Final Fantasy VIII. The amenities really give a feeling like establishment : spa, pool, golf… Only the 4,5£ tea was a little hard to swallow.

Next stop was Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s town which is an average city saved that you can find the greatest Shakspeare bookshop.

Final stage of the journey : Birmingham. If you expect huge polluting factories, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s become a glittering tertiary city, with banks and fashion shop at every corner. There’s even an immense commercial mall. I’d say someone who hasn’t found anything to buy in there is awfully suspicious.

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  1. Thomas ! Comment vas-tu ? tu en as fait des choses dis moi :) et puis tu parles parfaitement japonnais ça y est ? au plaisir de te revoir qq part dans le monde, plein de bonnes choses poru 2008, Julien

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